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Thank you for visiting our website!


We encourage you to browse these pages and learn more about RCN's community. We hope that these pages will answer some general questions and introduce you to some of our beliefs, as well as learn about what makes RCN unique.


We have an open door policy. Visitors and parents are welcome at all times. You may stop at any of our centers any time during our hours of operation, or you may make an appointment for a particular time.

View Founder & CEO, Gail Davis' interview on Here and Now which was aired November 15, 2015

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Round-the-Clock Nursery Inc., 2380 Marion Ave. Bronx NY is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The administration, teaching staff and families are all to be congratulated for not only earning but maintaining the mark of quality represented by the NAEYC Accreditation system.


RCN Featured in Child Welfare Series - Part IV

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